When understanding the world, we classify the information into names and characteristics, and recognize things by their relationships.
The information-oriented society has become more sophisticated and the information has been further repeatedly organized and categorized, and it has given us a various knowledge and bird's-eye viewpoint to easily see the world.

However,  he thinks that it is necessary to shed the light on the possibility of deviating from the uniform classification when thinking complicated subjects that can not be easily classified such as people or culture.

For example, an act by a child opens a hole in a cardboard with a ballpoint pen as a tool for writing is an act of giving the characteristic to the tool by himself without being caught by a predetermined usage, is also the moment that it changed from "given meaning" to "meaning he gives"

An ambiguous motif drawn with an unstable stroke appearing in his work means the liberation from fixed attributes (nationality, race, sex, skin color, etc.) and is functioning as an existence that it is possible to establish its own attribution (identity) regardless of the biological background, as a struggle against an uniform classification, he is trying to snap the moment of people living in current information-oriented society.