Skateboarders are skating through buildings and alleys, are jumping over a dumped bulky arbage, jumping on concrete slopes, and looking for places to express their skating in the coolest ways every day.

Sometimes we have the image of "destruction of public property" and "subject to regulation" to them, but they are more detailed than ordinary people in urban structure, such as road surface quality, building shape, and building location.

When their knowledge and desire for expression combine, a place nobody cares is transformed into a place of creation.

This is a microcosm of the process by which modern society diversifies that the streets where all people come and go
regardless of their origins (race, gender, skin color, language) can be redefined in a new way even if facing regulations and common sense. It has a universal energy that appeals to us over time.

Saito is reconstructing the various landscapes and ideas he has caught on the street with digital and analog methods, and trying to capture the uniform mood of modern society that continues to thaw with new meanings.