Skateboarding mainly around the city is called street style.
As they skate through buildings and alleys, skateboarders are jumping over dumped bulky trash, jumping on concrete slopes, and looking for places to express their slides in the coolest ways every day.

Skateboarders are followed by a image of "destruction of public property" and "subject to regulation", but on the other hand, they scan various environments instantaneously, such as road surface quality, building shape, building location, etc. actually know more about the structure and characteristics of the city than ordinary people.

When those insights and their desires for expression combine, a place where no one cares is transformed into a place of creation filled with excitement and excitement

Regardless of his or her origin (origin, race, gender, skin color, language), he sees the street where all people come and go, never letting go of the air of freedom, even in the face of regulations and common sense. I am trying to cut out with the sensitivity of skateboarders raised across Japan and the United States.