[Presented at a solo exhibition ”With Simultaneity” in Oct 2020]

Nowadays, the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning is to touch the news of the furthest country.


The expansion of the Internet has closed us to the myriad of events happening in the world and has given us a bird's eye view.


However, the information on the smartphone flows from the top to the bottom, the seek bar of the video moves from the left to the right, even the sun illuminates the ground in order, they give us the impression that things are made up of order and continuity.


So far, Saito has presented his work on the chaos of streets and cities through his background as a skateboarder. The city space where people, things, and events occur at the same time without being caught up in the past appears to him as the richness of "the world does not have to be continuous".


While there are familiar ideas rooted in continuity, such as associations, connections, and ties, they are not enough to capture an unordered or unordered dynamic world, so it was connected to the concept "Simultaneity". 


Recently, through hints such as the words that began to appear due to advanced digitization such as simultaneous connection, simultaneous distribution, simultaneous play, and a feature of the image editing tool Photoshop that represents the overlapping of layers as one image at the same time,  he is trying to catch the richness of a discontinuous world.