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Ghost Super Zero

Welcome to NFT

What is "Ghost Super Zero"?

Ghost Super Zero is the NFT Collection 

 “Ghost Super Zero” is a digital art project that extends  the theme "relationship between cities and people", which I have been working on. 


A city where people, things, and events gather, regardless of the value of things, and creates many coincidences and chemical changes, is a very important element in my work.  In the face of Covid-19, our society has thought deeply about the distance between people and the way of communication. In particular, overcrowding became an important theme.


However, at the same time as the confusion caused by overcrowding, we should not forget the fact that we have been nurtured in a culture that has been nurtured by overcrowding.


This contradictory city holds the key to man as an irrational and cultured creature.


And this time, I launched a project called "Ghost Super Zero" thinking that the digital space will become the next city and street.

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